12 October 2023

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Bouwinvest’s Dutch funds delivered excellent performances in this year’s Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey, the global benchmark for sustainability in real estate. The results show that the funds are steadily improving and delivering high-quality performances.

The Dutch Residential Fund, the Dutch Retail Fund, the Dutch Office Fund and the Dutch Hotel Fund were all awarded the maximum GRESB five-star rating. The Healthcare Fund held its own in a strong peer group with a four-star rating. This year, for the first time GRESB awarded points for ‘climate adaptation’, a theme Bouwinvest considers extremely important. So we are very pleased with the maximum possible score we were given on this component of the benchmark survey.  

Sustainability strategy  

We managed to keep the number of stars high partly thanks to out focus on the quality of our sustainability policy and the associated strategies. Although gathering external data, such as energy use data, continues to be a challenge, we have made significant progress on this front thanks to close cooperation with tenants and innovative rental constructions.  

The GRESB scores we recorded this year confirm Bouwinvest’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility in a highly competitive arena. We constantly strive to improve and optimise our scores and by doing so deliver solid financial and social returns, fully in line with our purpose of creating real value for life.