09 October 2023

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The Bouwinvest Retail Fund has once again won the MSCI European Property Investment Award, for the fifth year in a row. MSCI named the fund, which has a net asset value of € 1.1 billion, the best-performing specialist real estate fund in the Netherlands over the past three years through December 2022. The fund achieved the highest total return compared with the property sector benchmark, an exceptional achievement for the fund.

Bouwinvest’s Retail Fund managed to achieve a relative outperformance of 5.5 per cent against the MSCI index. This success was due to the dedication and expertise of the fund’s team, which has successfully adapted the portfolio to the constantly changing retail market. Bouwinvest has focused on optimising the portfolio through selective acquisitions and disposals, in line with the fund’s strategy. In addition, the fund has made significant investments in redevelopment and sustainability, which helped it to achieve this exceptional performance.

Bouwinvest is delighted with the recognition of their efforts. “We are honoured that the Bouwinvest Retail Fund has received this prestigious award for the fifth time in a row. This is clear recognition of our focus on quality, forward-thinking and sustainability in our investment vision. We will continue to strive for further growth and optimisation to meet the expectations of our investors.”

The Bouwinvest Retail Fund has a clear focus on the Dutch retail market and invests the capital of institutional investors for the long term. The fund focuses on the best shopping cities and busiest shopping streets (Experience) and district and neighbourhood shopping centres for daily shopping (Convenience). With a five-star rating in the Global Real Estate Benchmark (GRESB), on the sustainability front the fund has been among the top 20 per cent of the best-performing real estate funds worldwide for many years. Bouwinvest is determined to further strengthen its position as a leading player in the Dutch retail market and will continue to invest in innovation, sustainability and the creation of value for its investors, other stakeholders and society as a whole.