09 Jul 2018

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The Bouwinvest Retail Fund, in cooperation with BVVL Bedrijfsmakelaars and Barton Developments, has leased 1,200 m2 of space to Dutch retailer HEMA in the De Promesse shopping centre in the heart of Lelystad, a town 45 km to the northeast of Amsterdam.

The official opening is planned in November, after six weeks of refurbishment to merge several vacant units to accommodate HEMA. In line with modern retail concepts, HEMA  will incorporate a food and beverage element within the store.

Bouwinvest is engaging with a range of local organisations to increase the appeal and social liveliness of the Dukaatplein square by the shopping centre. As part of these plans to improve the area, which is the main gateway to the centre of Lelystad, the square will be occupied by more cafes and restaurants.


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