Corporate Social Responsibility

Bouwinvest strives to generate solid returns on sustainable real estate investments for institutional investors. We invest for the long term and we do this in a responsible way.  Sustainable criteria in terms of the environment, society and good governance play an important role in our activities.

The challenge we face is to meet the expectations of our stakeholders while creating added value for society as a whole. 

Our strategy for responsible investment and entrepreneurship
Our CSR strategy focuses on reducing the environmental impact of our organisation, making sure our staff are happy and involved in their work, and creating community engagement. We also sponsor organisations and initiatives, and we take environmental, social and governance issues – such as energy usage, safety, and the availability of raw materials – into account when considering new partners or investments.

We invest for the long term and that means investing in a responsible way. We want to create a working environment in which everyone takes responsibility for the effect of what they do on society at large. Reducing the negative impact on the environment and society is key to this, in line with the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment. 

Sustainability targets and challenges
The built environment is responsible for some 40% of global energy use and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the construction industry is a major user of raw materials. As a company that invests in real estate world-wide, we feel duty bound to play a role in finding solutions to these issues.

We want to contribute to the realisation of a CO2-neutral, sustainable and healthy living environment. We have set ourselves the target of ensuring that by 2020, at least 70% of our assets under management are above average in terms of sustainability. We also want to contribute to the sustainable development targets set by the United Nations. These targets relate to sustainable cities, clean and affordable energy, health and welfare, climate change, and other societal challenges. Within Bouwinvest itself, we are working to reduce our environmental footprint by taking a critical approach to our own office energy usage and stimulating the use of sustainable forms of transport. 

Our staff are extremely important. Every two years we carry out a staff satisfaction survey and are happy to say that we continually reach our target score of over seven out of 10.

Community engagement and sponsoring
We stimulate our staff to show community involvement and we sponsor several social initiatives. Bouwinvest is also a member of various sector organisations and sustainability initiatives. In addition, our staff are actively involved in working parties and on boards including ULI, GRESB, DGBC, FSC Nederland, ANREV, INREV and IVBN. 

Dialogue with our stakeholders
Ensuring our stakeholders have confidence in our approach is key. In 2017, we carried out a comprehensive analysis of the interests of our investors, shareholders, local and national government, partners, local operators, regulatory bodies, tenants and staff. This enabled us to understand what issues are relevant to which stakeholders and so begin a dialogue with them.


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Bernardo Korenberg
Head of Sustainability and Innovation
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Micha Reusen
Head of Sustainability and Innovation
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