Bouwinvest firmly believes that long-term financial success in real estate investment for our pension fund clients is indelibly interlinked with our social responsibilities to adhere to the highest sustainability standards achievable in our work. By doing so we also ensure that our assets maintain their value for the long-term and also insure against the risks of obsolescence in our investments.

We measure our performance by the leading global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  benchmarks for real estate and companies and actively support four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Bouwinvest has the target of ensuring at least 75% of our invested capital should have an above average sustainable rating (GRESB 4 or 5 stars). To reach that goal, we also look beyond the assets themselves to the surrounding areas and support the development of local sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.

Our objective can only be achieved through close collaboration with stakeholders, ranging from tenants and shareholders, to local and national government authorities, suppliers and local operating partners. We also recognise that dedicated and hard-working employees   are crucial to Bouwinvest achieving its goals and we do our best to create a pleasant and encouraging atmosphere at work. Our strict corporate governance, risk, integrity and control programmes and frameworks, guide our responsible business practices.

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Bernardo Korenberg
Head of Sustainability and Innovation
Micha Reusen
Head of Sustainability and Innovation


Bouwinvest Engagement Policy

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SRD II Policy

Investing in Sustainable Real Estate

Bouwinvest’s sustainable real estate strategy is built on two pillars: investing in sustainable buildings and portfolios and reducing environmental impact. 

We are committed to reaching a near carbon-neutral environment by 2050 and thus contribute to meeting the targets of the Paris Climate Conference (COP 21). Energy consumption accounts for a large proportion of a building’s environmental footprint. Data measurement and consistent reporting help us to cut energy use and reduce the associated costs, in dialogue with our tenants. We have adopted maintenance strategies that include modern energy-efficient heating, cooling and lighting systems. 

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way for Bouwinvest to reduce carbon emissions, but we also encourage the use of renewable energy sources through buying certified green electricity. Bouwinvest aims to manage waste at its properties responsibly and to use sustainable building materials, as we actively experiment with different concepts aimed at contributing to the development of a ‘circular economy.’ We take a strategic approach to water management and are committed to reducing consumption, reusing water and preventing flooding.

Enhancing Stakeholder Value

We are aware of how we influence our supply chain partners, in the Netherlands and worldwide, and work with them closely to ensure they integrate the highest social, ethical and environmental standards possible in their interactions with Bouwinvest. We take this responsibility seriously and challenge ourselves and our partners to do more as part of Bouwinvest’s active approach to sustainability stewardship. 

Because the future value of real estate will be closed linked to technological innovation in sustainability, Bouwinvest closely monitors market trends and, where possible, will seek to partner with the most promising start-ups, or leading companies in this field. 

Being a Responsible Organisation

Bouwinvest conducts its activities based on integrity, honesty and transparency and we respect the interests of those with whom we maintain relationships. We have embedded these principles throughout the organisation and included them in our code of conduct. 

Affordable housing is high on the Dutch political agenda because the market, in the major cities in particular, is under pressure due to constrained supply and strong demand. There is also a shortage of suitable healthcare-related real estate catering to the needs of the elderly population. We work closely with national and local government, housing corporations and project developers to address these issues and to speed-up the expansion of multi-use healthcare real estate. Both sectors provide and optimal return on investment and contribute to societal needs at the same time.