Dick van Hal

Dick van Hal

Chairman of the Board of Directors
We made our first real estate investments way back in 1952, investing for the construction sector pension fund (bpfBOUW). Thanks to all the experience and expertise we have gained over the past six decades, Bouwinvest is now a true specialist and we know the real estate and pension fund worlds inside out.

And that specialist know-how means we can provide our clients with true tailor-made solutions, in line with their risk profile and long-term investment goals.

We have been independent of the pension fund since 2003. Bouwinvest REIM now manages five Dutch sector funds: the Residential Fund, Retail Fund, Office Fund, Hotel Fund and Healthcare Fund. The first three are open to institutional investors, while we manage the Hotel and Healthcare funds for bpfBOUW (the pension fund for construction workers).

In addition to this, we provide the pension fund with strategic advice on asset allocation and invest worldwide in listed and unlisted real estate funds. We make these international real estate investments with the help of carefully selected partners who know all there is to know about their local real estate markets.

Bouwinvest’s total assets under management are € 9.4 billion (YE 2017).


We believe the future is bright. There will always be a need for real estate in which people want to live, work, shop and stay. At the same time, real estate investments meet several clear needs for pension funds. Real estate provides an opportunity for portfolio diversification. It also generates stable returns thanks to the constant flow of rental income. And as rent increases are frequently linked to inflation, real estate also offers excellent inflation hedging. Plus, if you acquire the right real estate – in any sector – and actively manage those assets they will increase in value, generating extra returns in the future.   


We are very much aware that we are investing pension capital. This is why we keep costs as low as possible. Our organisation is compact and very client-oriented. We stick to the rules of good management and corporate governance. And sustainability is an integral part of everything we do, in term of investments, asset management and how we work as a company. Our clients know that their capital is in safe hands with us.




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